Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Bunny Photos 2014

I am not normally one to jump at the chance to see the creepy Easter bunny, but free is free...and so we went. 

Of course the girls loved it...even if these photos don't do it justice.

Natalee was a little scared; she isn't quite sure of people in I had to join in the photo. And since it was Anna's first Easter, she got an individual photo. :)

The bunny gave out jelly beans (yay for more sugar in two and three year olds! HA!) and a stuffed bunny (yay for more stuffed animals being adopted into our house! HA!)...I could have done with my children having either but oh well.

Claire has her eyes closed, but this was the best photo of us all!

sweet Anna

Hoppy Easter!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weekend in PA!

A few weekends ago we headed up to PA to spend the weekend with family and celebrate Lily's (Tim's cousin's little girl) first birthday party.  We will take any chance to get to go up and see our families in PA! (We even looked around at some houses while we were up there this time!)

We first visited with one side of the family and enjoyed a delicious breakfast and morning play time. The girls had a blast visiting with everyone and were very well behaved for waking up so early and a two hour car ride!

Nan, Taylor and Baby Ally

Aunt Megan (TiTi) and Baby Ally

Anna and Taylor

Emme loved the Mr. Potato Head on the fridge!

Uncle Tim and his niece!

Then we headed to the birthday party. The girls had so much fun finger painting (which I didn't get any photos of because I had to be hands-on), pinning the candles on the cupcake, eating cupcakes and candy, making cereal necklaces, and pulling strings for a pinata! 

Watching Lily open her presents!

We then headed back to Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Russ' house and settled in for the rainy afternoon and evening. The girls love helping Aunt Bonnie at whatever she is doing and they love that she lets them make their own pb&j sandwiches! She is brave!

They are always ready to help!

Hopefully it won't be too long until we are back up in PA! We are looking forward to our yearly trip in June and already have lots of fun activities planned!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Madelynn, Claire and Natalee: You are THREE!

I cannot believe that my babies are THREE years old! Ah! Where has the time gone?! It seems it was only yesterday that I was sitting on the OR table getting ready to meet them! I want to give an update on what the girls have been up to and what they are into since I last updated on them, which was forever ago! That will be a separate post coming soon!

On their actual birthday, Monday, December 23rd, we just had a low-key day. The girls were still recovering from their super-fun filled weekend of their birthday party and seeing Santa. We had pizza for dinner (their favorite!) and then of course sang happy birthday to them and had cake. If you notice in the photos, when the candles are all lite, we were all singing to them. Then Natalee blew her candles out in one second and it took Maddy and Claire like forever to blow them out. By the last photos, Natalee was getting impatient, and it looks like she was thinking, come on, just blow them out already!!!!!! Her expressions are so funny!

Natalee: Yay!!!

Here let me help you blow them out, since it's taking you forever!

Now this is just getting ridiculous, I want to eat my cake already!!
I snapped a million some photos of them and they opened their presents from Mommy and Daddy. We got them light-up Minnie Mouse watches. They love clocks and so I knew they would love having their very own big-girl watch. I was right, too, they sure love them and wear them all the time. Between their birthday party and Christmas, these girls were SPOILED rotten! All of their friends who came to their party we so very generous in their wonderful gifts!!

My big-girl twinsies!

 Natalee WOULD NOT stand next to her sisters. I tried a million times and bribed her with a million things...nope wasn't going to happen!


Every time Maddy would open a gift, she would say what it was and then scream, "whahooooo". EVERY.TIME! So this photo was her saying, "minnie mouse...whahooooooo!"

Probably the best photo out of the 300 I took in five minutes!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby Cousins!

About a month ago, Anna and Ally were laying on  my bed waiting for their baths and I snapped a few photos of them together. It's fun that they are only three months apart!

Do you see them holding hands? Priceless!!!

And here was Anna a few minutes later....out cold with her blankie...