Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

--- WARNING: LOTS of photos!! ---

A few weeks ago we ventured to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore with our best friends and Nana! We had so much fun! We got there right as it opened and there wasn't any crowds!

The girls LOVED their giraffe shirts that I made them!

They were talking about "feeding the giraffes" for a week before we went. It was ALL they wanted to do. They seriously were SO excited and not scared at all. However, Emily, wanted NO parts of it. 

That tongue! WOW!

My monkeys checking out the monkeys...

Camel ride anyone??


Walking like apes...

We then ate lunch and ventured off to the Farm Land.

My Natalee!

This silly-girl is such a ham!

These girls are best friends! :)

All the girls were very excited to brush and pet the goats. Those poor goats are so patient with all the kids. I envy their patience.

Then we headed off to the carousal and Nana bought us all ice cream!

In over two hundred photos that I took this day, there wasn't one photo of me and the girls. Whoops!

We headed back to the car and before we were out of the parking lot all the girls were asleep! Success! 

We are very excited to go back to the zoo this week for Zoo Boo! The girls are already talking about feeding the giraffes and wearing their fairy wings. :)