Thursday, November 6, 2014

Family Photos 2014

A few weeks ago we got our family photos done by the talented Natalie Michelle! She did a fantastic job with our crazy bunch. I did so much planning. Read Pinterest obsessed. Checking all our closets a hundred times for the perfect outfits for all seven of us. Checking numerous stores, numerous times, to make the "pinterest perfect photo". Ha. I had treat bags for the girls if they behaved. Coached them on smiling nicely and acting like little ladies. Stuffed my pockets with M&M's for quick bribery. What was I thinking? We were a hot mess.

Let's just keep it real for a minute for y'all with one or two kids who can get those perfect family photos each year. Lucky you. Lucky, lucky you.

 It was so much fun. It was pure hell. Honestly, pure hell. The girls were all over the place, not listening, running a muck. Anna's shoes kept falling off five hundred times (please don't judge that she is barefoot in some of the photos). Anna kept pulling her hair bow off. The girls only wanted to see the horses or run away. My mom kept yelling at me that the girls were cold, freezing, tired, not feeling well, this list goes on and on as to why I suck at was hell. The wind was blowing. I was ready to cry. I try to do it all perfect and yet, it all comes back to bite me in the butt. Hard. And no one lets me live it down. Ever.

Oh and the fact that I wanted two different outfits...Good Lord, you would have thought I asked for a million dollars. How dare I want to change clothes on five kids when it is 60 degrees outside. That's surely going to give them Ebola. ;)

Tim kept telling me, "that's it, we're done" and I'm like wide-eyed screaming, "NO, we are NOT done!!!!!!!" We need that perfect photo.

And the kicker....we got in the car and Tim looks at me and says, "well that went pretty well considering we have five kids." Really? Really? You think that went good? Are you nuts? 

And then I get some of the photos a few days later and am simply amazed. Natalie really did pull it off! She got really great photos considering my crazy, screaming little princesses. 

So here they are...

Love this!

Love this!

Love Love Love this!

Love Love Love this!

Poor Anna is dying because she's barefoot. How dare I?!?!?

Love this!

Love this!


Love this of my sweet Natalee!

Our Madelynn



Emily June

The triplets! Almost FOUR!!!!

With my mom, dad and sister:

And with Tammy:

Love this!

And just to confirm, no children were hurt in the capuring of these photos. :)  Okay, mom. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

--- WARNING: LOTS of photos!! ---

 A few weeks ago we ventured to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore with our best friends and Nana! We had so much fun! We got there right as it opened and there wasn't any crowds!

The girls LOVED their giraffe shirts that I made them!

They were talking about "feeding the giraffes" for a week before we went. It was ALL they wanted to do. They seriously were SO excited and not scared at all. However, Emily, wanted NO parts of it. 

That tongue! WOW!

My monkeys checking out the monkeys...

Camel ride anyone??


Walking like apes...

We then ate lunch and ventured off to the Farm Land.

My Natalee!

This silly-girl is such a ham!

These girls are best friends! :)

All the girls were very excited to brush and pet the goats. Those poor goats are so patient with all the kids. I envy their patience.

Then we headed off to the carousal and Nana bought us all ice cream!

In over two hundred photos that I took this day, there wasn't one photo of me and the girls. Whoops!

We headed back to the car and before we were out of the parking lot all the girls were asleep! Success! 

We are very excited to go back to the zoo this week for Zoo Boo! The girls are already talking about feeding the giraffes and wearing their fairy wings. :)